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Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available should you be looking at providing a block of driving lessons or driving course as a gift to someone. This option is perfect for anyone no matter what your budget is. Please note that the following terms apply when purchasing a gift voucher from me:

  1. The gift voucher can only be used by the recipients name on the gift voucher and is not transferable.
  2. The voucher is only valid for 6 months from date of purchase. This means that you must have started your driving lessons within the 6-month period, but not necessarily finished them. If the voucher has not been redeemed before the expiration date it will not be reissued.
  3. The voucher is non refundable.
  4. The voucher has no cash value.
  5. If a voucher is still valid and lost another can be re-issued for an admin fee of £10.
  6. If lesson prices have increased before the voucher has been redeemed the holder of the voucher may have to pay the extra cost

Please note that I only accept official LDC gift vouchers and have the right to decline any third party vouchers